The Best Tips to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets


Paying more that than what you are not supposed to pay is not the choice of anybody and it is the same as airfare. Which means when traveling you will want to get a cheap flight, so you don’t pay more.

Below are ideas to help you get the best deals air tickets:

Be loyal to a flight

Sticking to an airline can get you many benefits both in the short and long term. If you travel very frequently with the same airline, you can access their frequent flyers offers. Many of these offers involve cash back or huge discounts on tickets. Some airlines offer points or other such related things to keep track of how frequently you travel with them. When on a trip, you can book you’re to and for a ticket from the same airline to get a discount on the cost of the ticket. Frequent flyers of an airline enjoy other benefits like the choice of seat and easy check-in.

Look out for ticket consolidators

Ticket consolidators are travel agents who buy tickets from the airlines in bulk for low prices. They then sell these tickets to commuters at rates that are much less than the actual ticket price. You can find information about ticket consolidators on the internet. Newspapers also list the names and contact information about consolidators in the travel sections. However, make sure that the ticket consolidator is licensed and sells genuine airline tickets.

Look into the option of flying from the biggest airport near your town

Not many flights operate from small airports. If you do not stay in a place that has a major international airport, then try to plan your flight from the nearest big airport. You will be able to get cheap tickets for airlines that take off from big airlines since you will have a lot of choices. Therefore, keep your options open and be prepared to travel from an airport that is not located in your city. You can plan well in advance and make local travel arrangements. The cumulative cost will still be less than buying expensive tickets. Visit this sites for more information :

Travel during weekdays

Flight tickets are cheaper on weekdays than weekends due to less traffic. Also, you will have a better chance of finding a seat of your choice due to more availability of seats in most of the airlines. Airlines levy an additional charge called as a weekend surcharge. By planning your trip between Monday and Thursday, you can save a lot of money on each ticket.

Prefer off-season flying

Just as tickets are cheaper during the weekdays because the demand is less, the tickets are cheap during the off-season due to the same reason. The holiday season is cramped up and is very difficult to find reservation even if you try to book in advance. Last minute cheap tickets are almost impossible to get. You can fly during the extended holiday season, instead of the peak holiday season, when the charges of the tickets come down considerably. You can obtain more than 50% flat discount on off-season flights.


This will help if you are traveling in groups since the cumulative saving will be high. Since the demand for tickets is high during the weekend, so to get the cheap flight you need to purchase your ticket before weekends. Therefore, Tuesday and Wednesday is the best time to get cheap tickets.

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