7 Insider Secrets to Booking Cheap Airfare

Some of the factors that determine the airfare that you will use when taking a trip are where you are travelling to and when you are travelling. There are several travels booking websites today that talk about the airfare and therefore it is important for you to ensure that you shop from here before eventually booking your plane. If you need advice on the same it is easily available on the travel blogs and on the travel magazines. Getting cheap flights is not hard but you have to be aggressive and do research on the websites. The factors below are insider secrets to booking cheap airfare.

Be flexible on when you will be travelling

Flexibility is very important on when you are travelling because there are some days that are expensive to fly. Ensure you trip falls on days so that you can be able to get the cheap flight that you need. Avoid travelling on the weekends because weekends are said to be the most expensive. Travelling weekdays is much cheaper because most people are at work and therefore this is the right time to book your plane. Weekdays are also the best time to shop around and the prices of carious airplane companies so that you can get that which fits your price.

You can fly into a secondary airport because of budget carrier

It is important to note that most of the destinations have both the primary and the secondary airports that are smaller. Most airlines prefer using the smaller secondary airports and this increases chances of the airfare increasing therefore it is important to use the secondary airport.

You need to be flexible with the flight route that you will use

There are several websites that you can use today to know the various airplanes with the cheapest tickets across the globe. The Kayak is one of the most popular and most used sites by people for looking up flights. It has a tool that enables you to see all the cheap tickets. It has a tool known as the explore tool that you can use to search by month or by season. Another important tool to use is the Google flights as it performs the same functions as the Kayak.

Check out the alternative routes

Booking separate legs for your trip is sometimes considered cheaper as compared to flying straight. A good example is when you are travelling from New York to Istanbul it is cheaper for you to travel to Iceland first and then catch a flight to Istanbul using the European budget airline.  Searching for a cheap flight on the internet can be tiresome and time consuming but there are chances that you will be able to save some considerable amount of money that you will use while on your vacation or trip.

Shop on many booking sites

Ensure you do shopping on many sites as possible so that you can get a great deal. Do not just rely on the popular sites like the Orbitz and the Kayak because sometimes they are also expensive.

Utilize social media

Ensure you follow the twitter and facebook accounts of travel and airlines search engines so that you can get updates on the airfare and the time immediately they are published on the social sites. Some of the airline companies that are known for posting great deals on social sites are Jetblue, Virgin Atlantic and Wanderlisting.

Booking should be done directly with an airline

There are some airlines that do not feature on the booking sites and therefore booking directly enables you to save some costs. Using the websites can sometimes attract additional fees on some flights such as the pesky baggage fees.

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