10 Ways To Save Money On Flight Tickets

There are so many ways on how to save money on cheap tickets for your flight and I decided just to give you 10,but this will be the most important thing to keep in mind while planning to have a vacation or business travel.

  1. Be patient. It will take time and effort to get a cheap price on flights. Now, do not let that hinder you, mainly because saving $200+ on your flights can mean getting more money to spend on hotel,tours,sight-seeing, dining out, and much more. This means that if you would like to travel in spring, you should start looking out prices in the late fall or winter. Often,there are last-minute deals for cheap tickets, but more often than not, you will get the best deals at least 15 days before your leaving date.
  1. Determine the airline’s official website. While these third party travel agency websites can be great, most of the time the best unadvertised great deals is found straight through the airline’s website. I advisedto better signing up for email promotions offered through your preferred airline company. For instance, since I live in Canada, I am signing up for Air Canada’s travel cheap deals and promotions. This will allow me to see special offers like cheap tickets available as soon as they go live on the Air Canada official website.
  1. Determine the arrivals/departures from different airports. This will not always comfortable, but more often a lot of major cities have more than one airport or have separate airport within normally close proximity to them in another city.
  1. Chase airlines and third party travel websites on Twitter, Facebookor any other social media and sign up for their mailing list to make sure you get updated. One of the best features about social media is that airline companies can use this to advertise special travel promotions and cheap ticket deals through certain social media outlets. More explained here: http://www.independenttraveler.com/travel-tips/air-travel/tips-for-finding-cheap-airfare
  1. Do not be scaredto book your hotel and flight differently. Sometimes you can get a better deal on sites like Expedia when you package your vacation and book hotel and flights at the same time, but this isn’t always the case. If you see arare deal on a flight, book it directly, don’t waste time! You may be able to look for a better cost on the hotel later.
  1. Determine what time of year and which days are cheapest for traveling. Traveling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are actually cheaper than any other day of the week.
  1. Save money on your belongings. Many airline companies are now charge you $20 each way to check your luggage. And they will charge you more if your belongingswill go over the airline weight limit.
  2. Look around for health insurance/travel. It is always recommendedto travel or (extra) health insurance for your vacation, but more often you are not getting the best price when you choosethe insurance package givenby the airline when you book your flights. Normally your work insurance will offersome kind of travel or health coverage when traveling.
  3. Avoid paying for seat selection (if necessary). Other airline companies will ask for an extra payment to make advance seat selection. Sometimes it is already included in the cost – if that’s the case then much better, but if you have to pay extra $30 or so to make an advance choosing of seat, then you could pass.
  4. Take favor of travel coupon reward programs. There is a highly competition between credit cards and airlines today, so sign up for their travel reward programs as soon as possible. Call your bank and see what travel reward credit card will work best for your needs. Many of them will grant you to collect points on your everyday pay out so you can regain them for free flights.

Most of the tips being shownabove still need your better planning and research. Making a trip with cheap ticketsis really beneficial for everyone.

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